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rmn tulcea


  • Internal medicine-ekg
  • General surgery
  • Imaging
  • 4d ultrasound
  • DXA osteodensitometry
  • Computed tomography
  • Radiology
  • Mamography
  • Videoendoscopy

Proffesional medical team

Bucovinei streetno.7(near CEC)

Monday –Friday  14-20,

Appointments 0240511111

We are a company who's primary activity field is medical specialized assistance.

We have 2 labs in Tulcea

- Grivitei street nr. 33, computed tomography centre, which has a SOMATOM BALANCE tomograph, manufactured by SIEMENS. In another building at the same address we operate an imaging center with mamography and radiodiagnose , also at the first floor we operate DXA osteodensitometry and Videoendoscopy.


- Bucovinei street no. 7 - we have an MRI device MAGNETOM ESSENZA 1,5T, also produced by SIEMENS

The equippment we use are the newest on the market :MAMMOMAT 1000-SIEMENS, MULTIX SWING-SIEMENS, OSTEOCORE-MEDILINK and PENTAX VIDEOENDOSCOP

Our labs are located in central areas, ensuring easy access for our patients.

Our staff includes 5 doctors, 1 internist with knowledge of general ecography, one surgeon and 3 radiologists with knowledge of general ecography and computed tomography. They are all qualified as MD .

They are assisted by 3 assistants .

The secretarial services are ensured by a trained employee.

Working hours diagnosis centres Mercado
MON - FRI  14-20,
PHONE 0240511111
St.Bucovinei no.7 

Computed tomography, mamography, radiology, videoendoscopy, DXA osteodensitometry

MON- FRI 8-12, 14-20
Phone 0240514444
St.Grivitei no.33